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How to submit a map

Hey you!

First of all, we'd like to thank you for submitting a map to PlayMinity. But before you do it, please mind these rules:

  • Name the gamemode of your map as the prefix.
  • The title has to be [Name of the Map] by [Your name/build team name].
  • Tell us about your map in english.
  • Name all the players that were involved with their ingame-name.
  • Upload many screenshots, but make screenshots with no resource pack or shaders enabled.
  • Don't post a download link.
  • Don't submit a map you didn't created.
  • Only post a map that has been finished.

After all, a good presentation doesn't mean we'll accept the map, but it'll definitely increase it's chance.
Keep those rules in mind and we'll surely check your map.
You'll get a private message in the forums after we have accepted the map, that'll give you further information.

Thanks for submitting maps,
The PlayMinity Team.

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